February 11, 2007

I'm so blahhh right now I'm not tired and I did most of the Designer Digitals All Day Chat , they had lots of awesome goodies and I completed a couple a layouts, we stayed in all day well the 2 lil ones wanted to play outside, so I got them dressed and it was freezing so they went out ran around for like 5 minutes and ran right back inside. LOL So much for being outside they said bump that, I didn't want to put up with the drama king and queen so I let them go Jaaa mother knows best right! right! Nelson was working, jejeje. Lucky me so he was the only one out and about freezing his ass off brrrrr for real! Valentines is on Wednesday and I still haven't gotten Nelson anything darn it, I'm not sure what he wants dang after almost 13 years of marriage that is sad to say, shhhh don't tell I'll just act like I know what he wants. ;)Here are some layouts from today and some pics of the lil ones as they wanted their pics taken today

Aracely thinks she can do what her brother does
by letting it all out, hmmmm whateva!!!

D.Digitals 9 am Challenge: Credits Here
D.Digitals Noon Challenge: Credits Here

D.Digitals 1pm Ribbon Challenge Credits Here

D.Digitals JumpStart Challenge: Credits Here

D.Digitals 4 pm crop: Credits Here

D.Digitals 6 & 9pm challenge: Credits Here

D.Digitals 10pm Challenge: Credits here....

5 Comentários:

Mar1anneC said...

Wow, your scrapbook pages are awesome.

Your blog writing is almost all one sentence and I got out of breath reading it.

cindy_i_ said...

You did a wonderful job on those pages! Isn't it funny how changable little kids are?

Noee01 said...

wow...loving those layouts!

Vanessa said...

Wow!!! Your pages are amazing!!!

Lisa said...

I am so glad I discovered your blog Mary, you do gorgeous work, very inspirational!!!


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