February 17, 2007

I have some great news [work realated] I saw the new 3rd floor were expanding [Currently Pediatrics and ObGyn are together] and it's huge administratin will be with us on the third floor kinda like in the middle and all the way in the back but half are there now on the 2nd floor with us so Ok nothing new but the space will be so much more better as we have to share 8 rooms and the waiting room and it can get crazy when they call patients It's like I was here 1st who are you calling for, Pedi or OB? No more of that, Yay The good things now Mom can come in and be seen the time as baby and we schedule to accomodate them to come together, I mean who wants to come 2 x's in a week. When we split Pedi on one side Ob on the other Scheduling will be hard because no more accomodations because we will become two seperate departments :( I'm not sure how they're going to take that part but things change so we'll have to deal and My receptionist that was traded will be coming back with Ob in late April and the one we have now will go to Adoloscent medicine {New Dept next to pedi }because it will be very slow paced and she'll fit right in their! I'm so siked I can't wait for us to seperate, It's been a crazy 2 years and, I'm siked!!! Ok on
to some layouts I did this week and the one right here is some goodies I got from these fabulous ladies!

The papers and from Sugar Giggles, she loved one
of my layouts so much she rewarded me with
a gift
card for her store and I got the pp's and
Love thse so much, I'll be using em again.
The Alpha
Beads are a goodie from
Micheline Martin Designs
she sent me these for
posting a comment, Yay love
these to, a must use
again and again...

DigiScrapDivas Font Challenge: Credits Here

5 Comentários:

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

Lovely pages...love the top one...those blue.purple items are very awsome!!

Have a great weekend!!

Micheline Martin said...

YEY for the awsome news of your work, how exciting hopefully it will help you take some of the load off!I can just imagine how busy it must be right now!
Love the Layouts you are very talented,Im glad you really like the beads :D
Have fun shopping, I'm going later

Jones said...

Love your layouts, you always have a way with color and some great photography! Exciting news for work!

Sus said...

WOW! Your LO's are stunning! You are extremely talented!

Edhish said...

omg those LO's are amazing.. love that beads btw..

I hope you'll have a great weekend :)

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