February 07, 2007

Helena got her Cast, Yay now she won't complain that she has limited mobility and she can finally bathe poor girl "sponge bath" was so not her preference. She had to get another Xray before they would set it the Dr. said a tiny cm more and it would have to of been pinned which meant surgery, Helena was like what Thank Gosh, it didn't go their! She won't have to play gym and she'll be going back in 3 weeks to get it re-checked. Big Sighhh from me, she won't be doing any more outdoor activities till Summer!
Yeah It's.......HOT PINK!!!! LOL
I did a couple more layouts I'll post here and I also took on a Guest CT Gig for February, I'm so happy to help out any designer that wants me too. : ) Siggy is in the corner over their ====>>>>

Credits for this layout HERE>>>SBE

Credits for this layout HERE >>> SBE
Thanks for taking time to look and comment at my Blog~Mary

2 Comentários:

LeXiee said...

heheh That's HOT!!! Love it though!!

I love your layouts!! Great job!

justkc said...

Oh your sweet girl! She looks so thrilled with her pink cast! I hope it heals quickly.

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