February 14, 2007

Darn it we were suppose to have this humungous snow storm, ughhhh did we even have 2 inches probably not but the schools are closed mind you hardly no snow at all and they're freakin closed now I guess I'm more peeved cuz I knew it was gonna be a big fat LIE and the media HYPES everything up even when not necessary, Anyways I was really hoping for alot of SNOW but hey at least no work today and I'm getting paid for it, Whoo Hooo, oh yeah I have all the munchinks home with me ughhhh. I'm gonna go throw em in the humngous piles of snow that we have, LOL Ok before I go I have some layouts to share!!!!

I so love this pic.... Credits Here

DigiScrapDivas Sketch Challenge:credits here

Ary and Gio in Nov. Credits Here
Ok you may have noticed the pattern of Kraft pp, I can't help it it's my thang for this month. Thanks for stoppin' by and miserable behind is off.....~Mary~

4 Comentários:

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

Awsome pages, love all those background pages, mixed with those bright doodles..looks amazing!! TFS

How sad about the snow, but hey having an extra day off is also nice, right? :)

Have a great valentines day!!

Dani said...

Wow, I love the kraft paper look so much. Fantastic pages!

Lisa said...

Oh gosh, what beautiful eye candy you have up on your blog today!!! GORGEOUS LAYOUTS!!!!

Krash said...

Gorgeous pages!! I REALLY like that middle one! Hey and I like kraft paper too:)

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