October 08, 2011

SweetShoppeDesigns Saturday, 6WS, Adele Video

Y, Breakfast, movies, park, nap, chores <---- (hate this)

Sweet Shoppe Saturday New Releases
Dancing In The Rain by Jenn Barrette and Litabells Designs
Side by Side Templates by Misty Cato

Fall Delight by Melissa Bennett and Studio Flergs
Cindy's Layered Templates - Half Pack 22 by Cindy Schneider
DJB Fonts: I Love Me Some Laura (emmasmommy) by Darcy Baldwin

Weird Science by Traci Reed
I Love Me Some Laura Templates by Darcy Baldwin
DJB Fonts: I Love Me Some Laura (emmasmommy) by Darcy Baldwin

Choose Happiness by Kristen Cronin-Barrow and Shawna Clingerman
Mixin' It Up #8 - 12x12 Templates by ChrissyW
Love Love this woman, she is so gifted and her voice gives me shivers!!! <3 this!!!

7 Comentários:

Jim said...

Hi Mary ~~ Happy 6WS! :)

Y, Breakfast, movies, park, nap, chores

I understand all but the "Y" and really like your picture illustrations for these.
"Y" is I don't know for me.
Thank you Mary, this is a very pleasant 6WS post.

Amy L. said...

Beautiful illustrations!

That corgi :) said...

These are nice! I admire your talent being able to do things like this!! I hope you have a great rest of the day!


Chloe said...


I'm a new gfc follower. Hope you can stop by www.mamasmusingsblog.blogspot.com

Tami said...

Beautiful creative work. Sorry you had to interrupt it for chores! :) Hope you had a great day.

Mallory said...

Great scrapbook pages. I love Adele too.

Coupon Spice said...

New Follower from Flip Flop Hop... hope you follow back! :)

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