May 08, 2011

Mothers Day

I went out this am with my dh for breakfast we were headed to Cracker Barrel pulled up saw a whole bunch of cars more than usual and then went all the way to the front entrance and saw a bunch of people waiting so I was like bayyyy I know you want to bring me to my FAV place but ummm I am not waiting an hour for breakfast so he was like ok I know a lil spot in Springfield, Puerto Rican food so I said off we go bayyyy and it was so good it was really busy b/c it was a bakery and eatery but ohhh so worth it! We ate came home then I left a lil while later.
Gio had his first bereavement group for 8-12 yr olds today, it was a must and I'm hoping it has a positive effect on him. You see since he lost his sis back in Sept he's had such a negative reaction he's angry, it's in spurts and it's mostly when he's in school that he acts out. He does it once in a while here at home so I know he's depressed and so hostile and it's so unlike him b/c he has a heart of gold and he's just so loving and calm so we'll see how this group goes for him if he continues on a downward spiral then I'll have to get him some counseling one on one but I'm trying to stay positive for now... We discussed just the minimal of the group as I want him to open up about it, he just said he liked it and def wants to go back :) good sign so far.... :>
Once we got home, the kiddos had went to buy me a gift, some cards, and flowers.
My dh is truly the best the kids were like papi took us to buy you this stuff mom b/c we couldn't go by ourselves, I lol and was truly touched Cely said I gave him all my quarters and pennies I had saved mami!!! gahhhh to cute!!! Mason says mami your fowers for you mami.... Love them!!
I am so blessed to have what I have and try so hard not to take it all for granted. I had complained the other day that I was missing one in a photo I had taken I felt like I wasn't complete but they reminded me that Charlie is with us in our smiles her presence is known and in our hearts so I took comfort in that today when I took the photo below :/

Hope you had a Have a Great Mother's Day

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happy mother's day, mary! blessings to you and your family!

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That sounds like pretty much the perfect Mother's Day. Your family is beautiful!