October 09, 2011

weekend, MScraps layout.

Just sharing a lil of my weekend!
Saturday the kids were bored b/c they had Friday off school b/c of staff development day so we went to the park since we didn't get to bowl the day before but I had already went to the YMCA that morning and they went swimming but my kids always want more so I was like ok, it was really nice out and I figured why not let them go and burn off some more energy, so glad I took em and got to watch em play around, they really are the joy of my days!!!


Friday night we were suppose to go bowling.. we get to the b.a. and guess what they won't have any open lanes till 9:00 b/c they are having all league games... WHAT so we decided we'll go to Newington but first we had to grab a bite to eat b/c everyone was hungry by the time we had dinner and left well it was 8:00pm so we ended up not going but told them we will go soooonnnn.
Now these photos here are from Chili's rest. I went out w/Carmen & Noely such sweethearts and I love being with them they are the best to spend time with!

One layout to share of my kiddos at the park...
w i s h by ForeverJoy Designs
Fall Flavors: Candy Corn by Busy Bee Designs



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I'm TOTALLY impressed with what you've done with those photos. Beautiful!!!

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