October 02, 2011

This Sunday am
I woke up took a shower
Went crazy looking for my debit card I left in a pair of jeans from yesterday.

Skipped breakfast
Went to ShopRite w/my 7 yr old girly girl big mistake she made me waist 40 mins more than I wanted to :p
Went to McDonalds b/c dd said she deserved some food for helping me shop, lol yeah ok!
Stopped at Gas Station where I had to pick the one that was dripping water off of the roof, yay me...
On way home took some photos of my neighborhood while driving slowly or at red lights.
After parking and taking out groceries and while putting them away dh says he's going out
Boys day out, he took both of em and left, break for me.
Decided to get cooking out of the way early and made sopa de res, yummmm
Now i'm relaxing and taking the rest of the day off :)

ohhh and I got a new dooo well I just changed it back to my natural color it's been like forever but my dh said I''m not allowed to change it back, LOL



Tips from the Heart said...

Sounds like a busy Sunday! You deserve a little rest too. Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment today!
-Robyn from http://tipsfromtheheart.blogspot.com