April 15, 2008

Wow I'm on a roll 3 days in a row, LOL Ok I have some awesome news, My co worker came back yesterday woot woot I love seeing her face when I walk in and plus she makes me laugh ALOT!!! LOL "Pic below" I still did a boo-boo I scheduled a pt that didn't need a physical and they're writing us up every time we do it I figure by the summer time I"ll be suspended for a couple of days because I'm not perfect no matter how much I go back and check my work :( one will slip by oh well what can I do but double check, & double check :)
Ok on to some good stuff.
My coworkers the one on the very left and the middle one is my sup. and the me

ScarletHeels Designs has some new goodies out :) just look below and it's 20% off woo hoo
This layout was done for the ScarletHeels Blog Challenge, It didn't make the cut for the blog but here it is for all you to see it's not any galleries I'm just gonna post here :) I used all of ScarletHeels Designs ;)

6 Comentários:

Barb said...

really cute elements!

---sharia--- said...

i love the layout!!! and you're right. It's so nice and i think important to have coworkers you enjoy being around. I happento be the laughing one here, but it's all good. I have others that make me laugh as well.

I make mistakes at my job too...it happens. the bane of humanity.

Leigh said...

Great lo! And glad your co-worker is back!

Heather said...

I agree, I'm glad you have someone who makes you laugh at work! That's awesome and it's a great pic of you guys!

Gorgeous layout! As always!

movefearlessly said...

love the layout!

DawnMarch said...

Sorry to hear about the boo-boo, but all you can do is do your best and double-check things, then move on. Everyone makes mistakes.

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