April 14, 2008

Would you like to get this kit for free, yes for free then sign up for the Scrapbook-Elements Newsletter by the 15th and it's yours.... Look below so you can see what I did with the kit :)

Thats my lil Ary 2 yrs ago OMG how she's grown and so has her hair as you can see down below.
She has a rock in her hand she was moving them from one side to the other just because,
gosh time has truly flown by, I'm so glad I have these pics cuz I can't remember everything
in my mind I have to look at them and the memories come flowing....

These pics are straight from the camera I didn't feel like editing them, Ary celebrated her b-day last Saturday I never got to post her pics so here they are. She's 4 now and looking sweet as eva'

Gio was so excited to be a part of Ary getting her present, can you tell..

She's to cute she was so excited when she saw her brother driving a pink jeep and she was like heyyy is that mine her brother jumped out of the car and said yes go get in, go.......

I know I know they're in no order but it's so hard to fix em once I upload em she loved cutting up her cake as you can see she didn't want the green candy up top, LOL

Blowing out the candles, ohhh my baby is 4 so she's baby no more

Here we are well -3 of us b/c they're too cool to take pics w/mom and dad they were sitting behind the camera just a smiling and waving

and that's me w/the 3 lil ones it's so hard to get one good shot. Mr Mason and Gio have matching shirts and can you tell their brothers their not even looking at the camera.... :(

Ok that's it that's all I have for today Have a wonderful Monday and thanks for stoppin by : )

6 Comentários:

Azrood said...

Awww, great party photos! Happy birthday to your little princess. I love the colors in that kit and will have to make sure I get myself signed up! You did a wonderful job with the layout!

Leigh said...

This is very cute! Love all your b/day photos of your daughter!

DawnMarch said...

Love the birthday pics! Looks like she had a great day!

Heather said...

awwww! Your kids are so cute. I love those pictures!!!!! And awesome layout! I love that picture of him driving up in the pink jeep!

movefearlessly said...

beautiful pictures - your daughter is just gorgeous!

Eve said...

Looks like a fun party!!

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