March 05, 2008

I did the worst thing yesterday I took a muscle relaxer cuz I was having major back pain and I took it at work cuz I couldn't take the pain anymore woaaaa big mistake for the rest of the afternoon I was so drowsy falling asleep talking to patients "in front of me" and on the phone how embarrassing they must've thought what the F is wrong with this chick and driving home OMG I'm just glad I made it and I know to never ever do that again, I'm glad I told the Dr though that I took it cuz she said I looked messed up, LOL like I said Never Again...... Mind you when I got home I knocked out thankgosh DH was home cuz I have no clue how Mr.Mason made it next to me to breastfeed or what the kids ate for dinner... Bad Mami, Bad Mami
On to some good stuff.
I did it I'm not sure how excited I am with what I've done but here it is the Layout for The Collab Colors of Spring by Diamante Designs by Lori Wiley & Lauraskathi


I love seeing how many uses these boxes get. This one drew me in!
I want to Thank Shanna for posting my layout in the Gallery Standouts on 3/3 DST was acting so wonky and slow. I had a hard time playing the DST Praise Game and even PM'g her to Thank Her so I had to Publicly Thank Her, she truly made my day ;) and she was the 1st praiser on my layout
Just thought I'd show everyone our weather today totally sucks, I know it's been like this since last nite. Nice ehhhhh...
Currently: Thunder Storms39°
Thunder StormsThunder Storms
A FLOOD WATCH is in effect for Litchfield, Hartford, Tolland, Windham, Northern Fairfield, Northern New Haven, and Northern Middlesex Counties through Wednesday Afternoon. A WIND ADVISORY is in place for northern and northeast CT through early afternoon as well.

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Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by today, and the last few days. I wasn't sure who's blog you belonged to so I appoligize for not stopping back by. I'm glad you were below me today so now I know who Mary is. I can't read blogs at work, they're blocked so I post in the morning and then come back and read them at night. Sometimes I can get to all of them, other times only a few.

I absolutely LOVE the lo with the boxes. Both of them are terrific!
Hope you're feeling better and have a good day today.

JanMary said...

Great LO with the boxes. I too have used them and love the effect.

Leigh said...

Love your lo's! Those bunny ears are terrific! LOL! We had your weather yesterday. I guess we are sharing. hehehehe

DawnMarch said...

Sorry to hear you back is giving you such problems. I have a touch of that, and went to PT for it, but nothing so bad that it needs medicine! Hope you are feeling better.

I love those boxes too, and that's a fabulous layout!

AfriDigiDiva said...

Those layouts are just lovely. Sory you're having backpain, I know that's no fun at all.

Heather said...

Ugh on the muscle relaxer. I've done that with hydrocodone for my back and had no idea how the baby got to me for nursing. LOL I hope your feeling better today!

Gorgeous layouts! As always!

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