April 20, 2011

Template, Date Night

I ran across this Freebie Template by Designs By Roanna.b hop on over to her blog
and download it :)

----------------------------------------------------------------------LinkI would totally wear this on date night w/the hubby.. He loves it when I wear heals I'm short 5'1 and chunky so this would so be me :) Of course the blue shirt would totally need a tank top under that I already have, no tummy hanging out over here :? LOL
so me

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Our Crazy Bunch said...

Thanks for following Our Crazy Bunch. I am now following you back. I love love that outfit. If only I could pull it off. :)

Victoria's Voice said...

Thank you for participating in the Get Wired blog hop. I really appreciate you stopping by. I am following.

Have a great evening.


Jack and Alex Manning said...

Cute!! I'm 5 1" as well and my husband is 6 1"m so I wear a lot of heels ;).

Stopping by from MBC - love your blog, will sign up!

parenting ad absurdum

sugarmouse said...

oh that leather jacket! my heart just skipped a beat.

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