March 17, 2011

St Patrick's Day, Layout Share

Ok so I am really lost ok, I went to McD's this AM and i see the cashier/server in a green hat green pin and i was like what.. I get to court and see shamrock earrings, pins, green shirts, shoes, skirts and I'm like what.... duhhhh It's St. Patrick's Day, Eire go brach!
Honor the patron saint of Ireland by donning green and drinking too much that's how it's done here in America what can I say :p
HAPPY St. Patricks Day!!!!
Well let me tell you about last night, dh came home early he goes to look at his car that is parked in our yard it was covered or more like buried in the snow
and finally the snow is gone so I let the kids go play in the yard this w/end and their was gravel on his car well Cely had the bright idea ohhh I'm gonna clean his car cuz I can't wait for him to crank up this baby so we can go out for Ice Cream in it, yee hawwwww!!!
Oh wait you want to know why their was gravel on the car well b/c he used the snow blower one of the 10 x's we had snow and it got sprayed onto the hood of the car, k, k!
So my poor baby does a good thing right? Nope she didn't remove them one by one she scraped her hand/arm back and forth scraping the car w/the gravel ughhhhh
How the hey was I suppose to know the stupid gravel was on the car, I never go near that thing ne'wayz!! What can I say he is beyond upset and had the kids all lined up to see who could reach the farthest and who could've done it. Gio is the ride or die brother he would never give it up he's like IDK, IDK, IDK

yeah he knew and (who else would pose for this LOL) told me about it later on but said he didn't want her to get in trouble w/dad :p
You have to give it up to him he loves his lil sis and has the I don't snitch attitude, good or bad I'm undecided on that one still!!! This is what the car looks like now :( I told dh maybe we could buff it out, IDK I know nothing about this stuff :/

On a lighter note we have the most beautiful weather today it's about TIME!!!
59deg and Sunny woot so glad I see the light and not the foggy gray clouds!!

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My dd Cely loving her paint...



Anonymous said...

OOO she's a lefty...I am too!!! LOL
PS Hope DH gets over the car thing!