March 14, 2011


I have to say that Mr Mason is at his WHY stage and NO stage both of them are enough to make me cringe and want to just tape his mouth shut but I would never do it, just think of it, LOL here is how it goes....
Mami can I go outside? No it's raining, WHY? b/c we'll get wet, WHY
Mami can I have some cheese? Later! WHY? b/c you just had grapes, WHY
Mami can I watch Spongebob? they are not showing it right now! WHY because it's only 9:00am, WHY
Mami where is Cely? in School. Why? b/c she needs to learn, WHY
this is what I get daily from him the list can go on and on but I love looking at his lil expressions when he says WHY? I wish I could say go Google it, LOL imagine the time when they will be able to sick I know!!
I am addicted to these so every time I go out I don't get the Iced Tea anymore I get this shake it's limited offer for St. Paty's Day @ MCD's :) let's see if they'll have it on Weds when I go out again!

Here is a Page I did for this sketch featured on the Page Maps Blog it was in January and you could win a prize but I never did it till now :/ lol
Mr Mason in Easter of 09, he was to cute all his eggs fell out of his basket when he tripped. His sis and bro tried to come and steal his eggs and I was like noooo leave him alone they can be so sneaky :|


Chasing Rainbows by Dani Mogstad and Jenn BarretteChasing Rainbows by Dani Mogstad and Jenn Barrette


Style, Decor & More said...

Newest follower from the hop!
Cute blog!
Hope you can follow back!

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Pam said...

Mary you just brought back some great memories! I haven't heard the 'why' stage for a LONG time!

Very cute page of Mr. M! Hope you are doing well!

Michelle Hernandez said...

The thought of telling Mason to "Google it" made me laugh out loud but he'll just ask why again. :) Beautiful page- those digi look like Sassafras papers!