July 25, 2009

I had a great day yesterday my boss kept calling me
Birthday Girl it was a lil emberrassing (sp)
dh sent me an edible arrangement to work and all the
girls were like ohhh it looks so good so I
had to open it and let them taste it (I'm not that stingy) then brought it home and let the kids dig into it.

Photos from work sorry for the mess

I went to dinner w/dh at a Mexican Rest we both love
and I had a couple Margarita's bad bad choice b/c I only
had a bagel for lunch I was saving my stomach for dinner.
I got tipsy very fast Bouncy 7 it was till light out so I
told dh let's drive around for awhile and we did and
we talked ordered the kiddos some pizza and came home
to watch a lil tv and then to bed.
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3 Comentários:

Mommy Spice said...

It was your birthday? Happy birthday...a little late!!! Love your pages!

Jenni said...

Happy belated birthday Mary :)

Zippizip said...

Happy Birthday Mary - like the new look to the blog.

Stan at Scrappers Workshop

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