March 28, 2009

It's a beautiful Saturday Morning today, Gio is already
asking if he can go outside.
I'm off to the post office and the bank and then go back home ;)
Do you want to laugh, this happened yesterday......
I got home last nite from work and my ds says to me Hi Mom.
I said hi babe, how was school?
He then says mom where were you? It's 6:30 and you always get
home @ 5:30.

I said I stopped at the grocery store
He says next time call so I'll know why your going to be late
LMAO, Ok since when did I get a second husband!!!!
He just smiled and said what, I can't know why your not home.
I said no it's cool you worry about your mom and gave him a hug.
This is the kind of stuff I knew I wouldn't experience if
I didn't have a boy and I treasure it ;)

I want to say Thanks to Stan for emailing me greatly appreciated :)
Looks like I'm just going to get a new camera so I can get some economical lenses :) but that won't be anytime soon :(
It's SweetShoppe Saturday today I won't post a preview
of all the new kits but if you have time go take a peek.
I got these items today :)
And I Quote...Memories by MandaBean
And I Quote...Time by MandaBean
A Very Very Very Fine House by Libby Weifenbach
You Rock! by Zoe Pearn

Here's another page I did with Jule Designs New Kit About a Boy
Check out her sale b/c she's retiring soon, sniffle, sniffle :(

sherrieJD from ScrapOrchard has this adorable, cute new kit out, aren't these the most adorable doodles....
Click on the Image or here Sea Sprite Complete Kit

This is a free kit available @ DigiScrapAddicts
you just have to register and your all set to download ;)

New Releases
Drafts & Blueprints {Bundle Seven}
By Tangie Baxter Designs available @ Scrapbook-Graphics

Lot No. 78 Chipper Chatter A-Z Adjectives
By TangieBaxter Designs available @ Scrapbook Graphics

Enjoy your Saturday

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