March 25, 2009

I've been a lil annoyed at work and got spoken to today
about my negativity in the workplace by my new boss,
he said I'm not suppose to go on a TIRADE about when
people have left and they have their jobs given away,
It's true and they have done this numerous times......
We all know they have to give you the same rate of pay
you left with and the equivalent of the same job, K but
I'm not sure how but they do it but you leave on maternity leave or sick leave and you of course never get the same
job back but the maternity leave one's are the one's that kill me b/c they totally just did this, they just replaced her and she didn't come back and of course everyone is
hush hush about it, WTF and I know this person was looking forward to coming back, Anyways I hope they get their
asses sued big time b/c they filled her position and eleminated two other positions so what is the equivalent
of a HR Assit.. hmmm I wonder.....
Anyways he was really nice about it and told me to express
my feelings outside of work, K sounds good to me! I did
have to tell him he was really naive about the stuff that happens their b/c he's so new but he'll see for himself
and can stay positive about it if he'd like...
He just laughed and said Ok, Ok, I get it, you need to
vent I said yeah but I'm done now! Moving on to more positive things, he says I'm such a smart ass, yeah I know ;)
I've been debating about buying a new Sony DSLR or just buying a new lens for my camera, I want a Macro so I'm
told so I can get up close on my kiddos faces but I haven't been able to find a generic brand for My Olmypus E500
does anyone know of one? I do have the 2 lenses the camera came with but I really need a better one just one, so I
can get some sharp pics KWIM
If you experts out their know what I need please do
tell b/c I'm a dummy when It comes to this stuff.
Look who's celebrating her Birthday:Matahati Designs' Birthday Grab Bag

Here's my first page I did using the Grab Bag above!

Image is clickable
Diamante Designs by Lori Wiley Designs
is having a sale 60%off what a deal,
If you've been waiting to buy something go go now!!!

I saved this post for the finale b/c it's so depressing
Jule Designs is one of my all time FAV designers to have created for. I love her elements and pp's and I absolutely love the creativity it evoked out of me well sadly that
has come to an end she is retiring Face Plant
yeah that's how I felt, LOL
she is having a Retirement Sale so if you dug her
work like I did get it now b/c it's going away

Click on the Image
Thanks for stopping by :)

4 Comentários:

Tammy said...

Girl, could I bitch and moan about what you were talking about with your job. Mine is hiring people after me at the same pay, with no experience. AND, I'm suppose to train them!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!

Elaine said...

I'm glad I'm retired now because I know exactly how you ladies feel. Bad enough when you have to train them and they get the same pay but when they are so thick headed and even after two weeks don't get it that they need to be retrained from the beginning and still getting the same pay is downright annoying to say the least. Isn't it nice when you can vent?

niki said...

HA! I love that you told your boss what's up!! good for you! and i didn't know about Jule - thanks for the heads up!!

Cindy said...

Venting is good. At work-not too good. But, is the venting about what they've done to other employees or is it fear you may lose your job? Either way, I agree you need to get it out.

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