April 01, 2009

Yesterday was my Ary's 5th Birthday I called her @ 7:00 am and my mom said she was sleeping I said wake her up so
she did and she was like huhhh I sang her Happy Birthday
and she said I love you mami and hung up,
the nerve I tell ya!!!
I did call her again later that day and we talked again
and she was so perky & sweet she told me grandma took
her shopping for a gift and then they went our for pizza. Mom promises me she will send me all the photos today,
hmmm I heard that before.
I then talked to Mr. Mason he was yelling No Mama,
"eh's Papa" (where's papa) how nice of him ehhh then he said
"e wuv oo" (I luv u) my heart melted and he dropped the phone I guess that was my goodbye for the evening.
I miss my lil babes so much..
I will be going to NC in 3 weeks to see them and probably bring them back home were still undecided as the babysitter has lost a total of 5 (my 2 indcluded)kids due to the
economy two of her other parents got laid off, now her
dh is working part time so she's really feeling our pain.
She said she is willing to go lower with her price. I feel bad b/c she does an excellent job as a sitter for our 2
kids no complaints ever from Aracely and we realize she
is very under paid but with the current situation/economy, we'll see how that works out! Send us good vibes....
I am now a proud member of the BCD Team woo hooo...
They sell at DigiScrapperBrasil and
OMG this was/is a Dream Team.....

My 1st Page using the kit above,
I'm in digi heaven with this kit,
so many elements to play with ;)
Happy Birthday to ScrapOrchard....
They've made it to the FIRST YEAR!!!
The New Color Challenge hosted by Bren Boone Designs
is up @
The Orchard go check out the prize ;)

4 Comentários:

PsiPsi said...

Wow so many news
Happy 5th birthday(seams to be a sweet little lady!) and happy birthday for 1 year selling!
Ans wow to your layout! it is so awesome!!!

Sara E said...

that is a very fun and beautiful layout! and happy birthday to your daughter and Scrap Orchard!

Dielle said...

What a cute LO! Hope everything works out to have your little ones with you again, soon!

Lori said...

i feel the pain with ur little ones!! hope u resolve that soon. And I am elated u got your dream team. i landed wst in jauary and I am still over the moon about it!!! i love ur blog too!

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