March 22, 2009

Yesterday was a good productive day I went to volunteer
at my job for Mission of Mercy, lots of dentists and
some other providers, provided services to people who
don't have insurance and some diabietes screening & podiatry, it was very very busy a lil chaotic at some points I
could only do half a day and I had to go but at least
I helped a lil and I took my dd to help out she liked it
and got to see what I do pretty much

I just recently peeled myself out of bed.. I did get up
early made some breakfast around 8:20, talked with the
kiddos for a lil while over breakfast and went back to
lay down and slept for a lil longer.

I went straight for the phone to call Mason & Ary and my mom was out with them at the Flea Market enjoying the semi-warm weather so I told her I'd call her later on so she wouldn't lose track of my lil angels...
Spring was officialy on Friday but you wouldn't know that living here where I'm at, ok well other than the pollen and allergy crap starting up you wouldn't know it,
it's freakin cold and it was 35 deg yesterday today
I was to depressed to even check...
so how's it where your at???

Here is a page I did using
Inspired Blueprints #12 Sketch....

I knew right away what I wanted to do when I
saw the sketch....

Full credits Click on Image.
Cinzia is giving everyone a chance to win this kit....
Fun right....

Her shop is here if you'd like to see more of what
she' offers.

This is quite a great bundle, I need to get some photos
of my dh & I just for this kit as you can see the kit is quite huge and has so many fun elements!

Have a Great Sunday and thanks for stopping by :)

4 Comentários:

Stefanie Eskander said...

I love your blog, Mary! So fun, funny & colorful! I'll have to stop by more often!

Dee Bibb said...

Your blog is so colorful and seems so full of energy!

Zippizip said...


umm.. sorry to say but 70 and sunny the entire weekend. we had our first cook out tonight and the burgers never tasted better! Although we miss CT sometimes today wasn't one of them.

Stan at Scrappers Workshop

Martencja Designs said...

your blog looks wonderful and I love your work :) Really beautiful :)

Have a nice day

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