January 03, 2009

My co-worker gave birth yesterday morning she had a
beautiful 6lb 10oz baby boy and he's just precious,
I wish I could've brought him home with me but his big sis was pushing me all over the room fighting for him. JK
From yesterday...

Anyways I went again to see him b/c I just wanted to savor him again. I love tiny babies seriously I want to cry when
I see these new lil life so dependent on what you are going to do for them now that they are out of their safe place. It's such a precious gift and My Mr.Mason is a big boy compared to this "tiny thing" I do know that he didn't like for me take him out of his cocoon, you know when you wrap
em all up like a sausage he cried every time I told mom ok
we know what he doesn't like... So he will be my new baby
to practice taking photos on. yayyyyy!!

I have some wonderful CT News... I was invited to
Shein's On-Call CT she sells @
ScrapLadies, DigitalCandy & DigiScrapBotique that means If I like her kit I scrap
with it, if not I wait till the next and so on isn't
this the most Awesome gig, but I just have to say
I'm sure they're isn't going to be a Kit I'll pass up
b/c her work is fantastic!

Ohhh she did it again isn't this just eye candy,
I love the textures on the all those papers and all the detailed buttons with just a hint of shimmery glitter, ahhhhhh
Raise The Roof 1
Here are all the details if you want to snatch it up ;)
TLC Designs: Teen Crush Available @ SunshineStudioScraps


4 Comentários:

Tracy said...

What a beautiful picture and I love the way you have framed it. Congratulations on Shens CT thats wonderful news.

Maby said...

congrats on the new CT woman!! Baby pictures.... hayyy que hermosos!!! stop by my blog... i posted a bunch of new ones... and email me, I'd love to share some of Diego with you whenever you need any :)

mijo said...

Congratulations. Wonderful Lo.

Katie said...

Very cool photo! I love babies, and your co-worker's is gorgeous!

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