December 28, 2008

This is what I've had to look forward to since Sat bleckkk
I hate going out on Cloudy days and worst of all today it's really really foggy but I have to go b/c the kids will be home all week and they need to eat, Shy WhistlerLOL
On top of all this dh and I are kinda beefing b/c of his family and stuff that I just dislike for various reasons but whatever I know we'll get over itSad and they'll continue to bitch about what a bitch I am so Tongue Outbla bla bla and boo hoo,Rolling Eyes Just get over being mad at me b/c I don't kiss your butt and light up when I see you Heart Glasses
I'll leave you some Digi Goodness and leave all the
negative right here.....
Diamante Designs by Lori Wiley: Coming Very Soon to
Lori Wiley Designs & Scrapbook-Bytes

My page using the Above Kit for Full Credits Go Here....

ScarletHeels Designs: New Release
Flower Power Alpha: Set Two

This is my page using the Above Alphas and also a page
for the Pencil Lines latest Challenge.
I love that it gave me a chance to use all the outtakes
of the kids.
I got like 3 really good shots and like 5, full of
so much life and their personalities. Yes

For Full credits Go here....

2 Comentários:

Agnieszka(aapas) said...

Both Los, look great, but the one made from Winter Charm is a stunner! FANTASTIC job!!!!!!!

JanMary said...

I have SO MANY outtakes from Christmas pics of the kids this year!

Love your layout.

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