January 02, 2009

It' s a New Year and I totally don't feel like it is other than seeing the date and stuff but anyways.
I've decided that my butt will get in gear and I will start to exercise I don't want to get to my 130 lb days but 190 is not what I want to be, KWIM after I had Mason I was just like blehhh who cares but lately it's affecting my wants in clothes shopping so that totally did it for me.
The bad thing is I'm an eater when I'm stressed especially but the good thing is I've stopped buying soda since Thanksgiving and reduced the snackage b/c I was trying to get mentally prepared, I'm almost their mentally I've gotten my sneakers out where I can see them everyday and the weights. If I have the visual I know I won't blow it off, KWIM... know with all that said.....
I went outside to play with the kids in the snow the other day we got like 5 inches.
I was coming inside and Gio made it in before me, he didn't take off his stuff in the garage so I walked in holding Mr.Mason and ate it. I broke the fall w/my arse and then my head banged against the floor really hard. I didn't let go of Mr.Mason I held on to him tight and he fell half way on top of me, now my ribs are sore, my neck and of course my arse! He cried for like 2 mins and just sat and looked at me, he wouldn't let the girls touch him. I think he was just freaked out so I sat up and took off his stuff and then Gio came back and was like woaahhhh Mom what happened I said I fell b/c their was so much snow here in the doorway, he said Ohhh man was it my fault I of course was like it's ok it was an accident but in reality I wanted to let him know that's why we take our stuff outside so we don't have snow all over the floor, but I'm ok and so is the baby so what's done is done! I did spend half of yesterday in bed not moving for anyone or anything and popping Motrin, and today here i am at work, Yay me, LOL
SweetShoppe Designs Creative Team Kit & Layout
New Release 12.27 Hibernation Day by
Libby Weifenbach & ChereKaye
Layout found here
ScrapOrchard Creative Team Kit & Layout
New ReleaseBurn't Beauty by Ashalee Wall
For Full Credits Go here

12 Comentários:

Kresta said...

Great kits and beautiful LOs! Good luck with the weight loss!

Rebecca Lynn said...

Good luck on your weight loss!! I am so sorry about the fall!! Think goodness your ok!!

Melissa said...

Love those new kits! Thanks for sharing!

._. said...

ouch! lol glad you're ok!

you can toooooooooooooooootally lose the weight. Just tell yerself you are a rock star every day, it works I swear LOL

Little Dragon Designs said...

ooooo fabulous goodies!! I LOVE the colours and textures!

JanMary said...

Ouch! Glad no serious injuries.

gabs aka evitangel said...

good luck mary and happy new year

Chloé said...

You can do it!! And your LOs are gorgeous!!

Magdalena (m2m) said...

Good luck in loosing weight. I keep my fingers crossed for you :)
Your LOs are so pretty :)

Sarah C. (my3hens) said...

Lots of luck with the weight loss, Im in the same boat as soon as this baby comes. I can relate to everythign you said!! I am glad to hear you are okay you poor thing!! That sounded horribly painful :( Gorgeous layouts as always!

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

Ouch that musta hurt big time! Good luck with the weight loss! I too am going to try to cut down as soon as all the Christmas junk is out of the house.

Zippizip said...

Been there slipping in the snow! Hope you feel better!

Stan at Scrappers Workshop

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