December 26, 2008

This AM we woke up and I told my sis and my kids lets
go to the mall to take pictures.

So we got ready and left the house around 12:00
big mistake
Holy Moly today is like Black Friday
b/c everything in the stores/mall is like 50-75% off
I didn't really find
anything I needed or wanted
so yeah it was a totall traffic mess,

never again I'll wait till Sat or Sun to go... ROTFL
to the mall or any store....

With that said I walked over to make sure Santa was gone
and then I totally snuck
in to Santas Workshop, LOL
this time w/all the kids and dh... he was like so chicken.. He said, we
won't get in trouble, are you sure?
I of course said no no get in sit down, c'mon...

I told him he totally needs a santa suit for next year, LOL Belly Laughhe of course was like yeah yeah...
When we were all done, this mall security came up to
us and was like uhhh
you can't be in the workshop,
so I said Ok were done and then
he says uhh uhhh
your not allowed to take pics in the mall either, K

I'm done with picture taking Wink
he was like K, great and walked away.

I'm glad he wasn't like erase those pics and bla bla bla Phew wooo.
Because then I wouldn't be able to show these off..
So worth the talking to....

The Frame is by Blythe Evans from Oscraps.
And now I leave you with some pages
I worked on while off from work ... yay me....

ScrapOrchard Creative Team Layout:
Winter Wonders Page Kit
by Irene Alexeeva

ScrapOrchard Creative Team Layout Credits
For a limited time only $3

January Mystery Mega available @ ScrapOrchard

ScrapOrchard Creative Team Layout:
New Release Dreamy Kit by Ashalee Wall

Full Credits Clink on Image......

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday with your
loved ones
We did here and the kids were so happy
with everything they got!!!

1 Comentário:

Pam said...

Go Mary! That is such a fantastic idea! I love your photos! I'd be a chicken as I hate to break rules but I am so jealous!

Awesome pages as always too!

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