November 09, 2008

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend it was all awesome up until tonight the temp dropped and it's getting cold DreamingI will be thinking of this now never mind while I'm sleeping, LOL
Ok ay I have some scary newsPhone Shocker..... are you ready ok Scary for me maybe not other people. My dd got her permit this weekend yup she only missed one question and pleeasse you'd think she'd let me take her photo in the DMV Crossing Guardwe'll never see those same people again I wouldn't have been embarressed but ugh she was so she said you better not even take my picture, Gothshe killed my whole joy of even going with her for this huge moment in her life big sighhh oh well. She just had to practice today she had to drive so we did for about an hour and let me tell you she did really well for her 1st time, no slamming of the brakes and no gunning of the gas. I was impressed!Kisses
Please everyone send me some positive vibes for my dd ohhh and I'm not worried about her getting her time in she will be going to a school through AAA and she has to wait at least 6 mths before she can get her license so woooo I have some relief their! Tell me it's going to be ok, I need to hear it from others, K
On to some beautiful things ScrapOrchard is having a
CT Call but the approach is different they're not just picking based on an open call and looking at your gallery
you have to use one of their Collab Kits.
The 1st round is over and they vote based
on the page you created.
I wasn't sure if we were allowed to even post em but
others have so I'll share this 2nd rounds layouts, we were
given a designer and we got to pick out our kit to use,
I got Irene Alexeeva and I used her
Fairy Special Collaboration Kit
Pineapple Plantation Designs

The images are linked and found here
If you want to leave some love ;)

Layout is found here
Okay enjoy your monday yeah it's Monday again.


10 Comentários:

Patricia said...

hose LOs are precious!

JanMary said...

Love the altered feel of those layouts.

Eve Recinella said...

LOL Love the smiles!! Your LO's are just beautiful. :)

Creative Junkie said...

You sound surprisingly calm about your daughter driving. I would be freaking out. I'm already stressing it and it's not even going to happen here for another 2 years. I cannot even imagine the basket case I will be when she actually gets behind the wheel. I may just have to move out of state for awhile.

Jan Connair said...

Love the gorgeous layouts!

My two oldest sons are drivers, and my dd is close to getting her actual license now. Frankly, I am a real wuss about the whole process. I can't be the one to teach them--dh has to do the in-car hours with them all. That said, I have to admit I eventually got comfortable with having them drive me places now and again. With the way the rules are set up now, you can be pretty sure your dd will be competent behind the wheel by the time she gets her real license, and you still have the final say on when and whom she can drive with.

So take a deep breath--it will all work out alright!

Christina Brady said...

Oh I have 4 children ages 11 to 7 no twins. they are all almost exactally a year apart. I know there will be a day that I will freak as within 4 years I won't have 1 driver but 4. My thoughts are definitely with you and you daughter. Your Layouts are gorgeous absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing.

afridigidiva said...

Your layouts always make me laugh. You've got the cutest kids!

Josoliviamaid said...

You will survive your daughter's new found independence. :-) I'm facing the same thing with my son. :-)

onescrappymom said...

Congrats to your daughter! I would have snuck a picture anyways!! hehehe that's your right as mommy!!

Jenna {Sweeet} said...

Mary it'll be OK, trust me as I was once in your daughter's shoes *lol*....seriously, she will do so well as I can tell by how you described how impressed you were! Hey, love your pages, gorgeous work hon..thanks for sharing and TY for stopping by my blog.

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