September 19, 2008

Here is Mr.Mason looking fine as eva' he's 10mths and 3 weeks big
sighhh time has just flown by and I know how many people say this but is
it time that has flown by or me myself and I that hasn't taken enough time of
my own to suck him all in. He's so smart and loveable. He picks up his hand
and grunts when he want to go outside. He'll shreik and walk anyway he can to
the fridge to let us know he's hungry, true story... LOL He gets his wipes and brings
em to me or his sister when he wants a diaper change, when he did this my jaw
dropped I was in awww and told the girls leave em and see what he does, he kept
trying to open the box of wipes and hand em to us I about died laughing, what a noggin
he has. The sweetest thing he does is when he hears his dad knock on the back door
he'll make a mad dash for the door and sit at the entrance and say pa pa, pa , pa if it
weren't so sweet I'd cry these are things I will never ever get to enjoy from another child
will this be enough for me in the long run, IDK..... I'll have to live my choice to cut
the baby cord.
Big Sighhh...
I may go to the lake tomorrow as Helena's parade will not be going on till next weekend.
I'm going to try to share more of my pictures and just for the record these were taken
w/my snap and shoot Nikon Coolpix camera they were way to sweet not to share. :)

Thanks for stopping by.... Mary

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ChrissyW said...

i LOVe that page you made with my template freebie - love your style!!!

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