September 26, 2008

We have been rained out today and probably tomorrow so that means I won't get to
see my baby girl in her parade but they will reschedule ;) I guess. We are also suppose
to have a health fair here at work which they said will not be outside but inside yeah
we don't have that much space unless we will be stationed in our departments.
Anyways today is Friday it's raining and that pretty much stinks other than my news
that I'll be leaving work at the end of this year or before we'll see. Yup I made my
decision w/dh I'll be staying home w/Mr.Mason and Ary I miss it but I don't but I need
to just leave work for awhile my sanity and anxiety are a mess right now this will help....

As for Mr.Mason he's turning into a pro at walking that really brightens up my day,
I'm such a proud momma b/c he did it before his 1st birthday Yay!!! He's officially 11 mths
big sigghh.... One is right around the corner :p

I did go to open house the other day that was fun I got a couple pics of Ary & Gio I should
put up this weekend we didn't really talk to the teacher we just got to know the classroom
and surroundings which was ok the kids loved showing me where everything was but I did
notice that Ary is a lil stuck-up yeah she's 4 but it shows lil kids would say to Hi to her and
she wouldn't respond and when I asked her who's so and so, she was like oh that's so
and so. I asked her why didn't you talk to her she said Hi, she was like MOM whateva,
yeah my 4 yr old said that, I was like OMG she's a brat and stuckup I was a lil heartbroken
cuz I want everyone to like her and she should like everyone, right am I right? Big Sighhh
Anyways enough 'bout that.... here's some digi goodness
That's Mr.Mason showing off his walking skills, jejeje I used Krafty Kit by ScarletHeels Designs available at CatScrap & ScrapOrchard
Layout is Clickable
Diamante Designs by Lori Wiley has a new kit and some new inked frames come by the boutique and check em out

Look at this fabulous combo by Bren Boone Designs and Kitty Designs the colors are
just perfect I love the tones and all the elements, such eye candy ;) It will be available
next week... Come by then and check it out

Thanks for stopping by.... Mary

5 Comentários:

Bev said...

They do grow up fast don't they! Cute layout!

Pillowgirl said...

I have a four year old too. It's funny how she used to love some of the kids in her preschool and now she is picking and choosing. I think they struggle with picking friends for the right reasons. My girl doesn't like anyone who is playing with the toy she wants lol.

Jan Connair (Magpie) said...

Love the layout and the previews of the new kits.

Laura said...

Love the layout!! The kits are very cute too! And I'm sorry your parade got rained out, that's no fun.

Tammy said...

I love watching a baby learning how to walk. Wonderful layout to remember it by.

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