September 17, 2008

My dd Helena is a member of the color guard, I love looking at the girls twirl their
flags and get all pretty and stuff. I still cant' believe she did it. She did her 1st parade
yesterday the
Big E it's a big deal for them b/c It's a huge fair and we go every year,
I didn't get to see her but I will this weekend she'll be in another parade, I'm so proud
of her she's out and doing fun things... I will try to get some pics up of her this weekend,
I know I know I'm so bad at that the processing and resizing really drains me. LOL
Ary & Mason love the new sitter if they're happy.. I'm happy so that's all that matters at
this point even if she is a lil to serious for me dh said deal w/it cuz they are in a good
place, K :)
Now on to some good Digi Things ;)
Mi is at it again offering her famous masterpieces, go snag it before it's gone......

This layout of mine made Layout of the Week over at ScrapMatters what an honor
and to think Mr.Mason is no longer this lil. I went back and re scrapped some of his
photos and look at what happened ;)

I took this fun quiz cuz i was bored and that's weird how they kinda always know about
you if you really read the results, LOL

Thanks for stopping by.... Mary

2 Comentários:

dawninskip said...

Hi Mary hun - good to hear from you. Glad you got a sitted organised - something less to worry about (children are a worry whatever their age LOL). Fantastic work as always :)

dawninskip said...

LOL - fingers and brain not communicating - I meant 'sitter' LOL

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