June 28, 2008

I wanted to go out to the lake today w/the kiddos but it's smug and drizzling.
Ackkk what a weekend. I'm going to share a pic of all the kiddos.
I got this shot before the older ones left for Fl and later that day Helena left for NJ :(
this will be the last one of all 6 for the whole summer :)

Down Below is lots of Digi Goodness!!!
--------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
These 2 Babe Designers are having a call so if you've been waiting for a call: Don't miss it :)
Remember it's SweetShoppe Saturday all new Goodies in the Shoppe

Did you sign up for the ScrapNArt Ezine like I told you to awhile back well if you did
look at what you'll be getting down below. Were also having a chat w/the
Wonderful Studio Girls over @Scrapbook-Graphics so if you have time and you want
to kill time come on over, It's gonna be fun ;)

Here's the Awesome Kit your gonna get if you signed up :)

Sparkling Summer Sale at Scrapbook-Elements...

Thanks for stopping by.... Mary

5 Comentários:

Barb said...

cute photos and kits Mary! Have a good weekend!

Amy said...

Wow, now I know where to come for all the diginews! Great blog!

amy said...

great shot!!! have a great weekend.

JanMary said...

Great photo of everyone together.

Armina said...

mary, are they all your kiddos? :)

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