June 27, 2008

Thank gosh it's Friday... No really Thank gosh Mr.Mason has me at my wits end w/being very needy and on the breast for the past 3 days he will not sleep until I lay down w/him and the breast in his mouth... This has me really stressed I let him cry for over 45 minutes last nite to see if he'd give in noooo he didn't I did.. I was so upset I almost cried, this is a really bad habit he develped when he was really sick about 2 weeks ago and he will be weened off the breast to sleep method... :( If it kills me to hear him cry and cry and cry!!! ackkk
Finally I've got some pics of my Ro Ro these are not from her graduation but she is in her cap & gown :).. Oh and I got the frame from photobucket, they've really upgraded some of the stuff you can play with so everything I did to her pics I played with at photobucket!!! So if you like go play.

And waaa-laaa doesn't she look fantabulous. My baby girl is a baby no more.
I'm a lil scared of whats to come with her future but I'm sure it will be bright and full of positive
re-inforcement from mom, stepdad and dad!!!!
Bren Boone has a beautiful new kit Playful Behavior available all weekend

I did 2 versions of this page I love the black b/c it's dramatic but the green I love b/c it makes the b&w stand out a lil I don't know but I had to share both b/c I love em both!

Thanks for stopping by.... Mary

5 Comentários:

jkuoha said...

Love the graduation pics - you must be so proud!

Neverland Scraps said...

Im sorry that you are dealing the CIO technique. We had to do it with one of our children. One night we let her CIO for almost two hours and then she plum tuckered out. Needless to say, that was it for her. She knew we weren't coming in and I never had to deal with her going to sleep like that again.

I love those graduation photos! They were beautiful. You totally could have sold me that they were from graduation day!

Beautiful kit of Bren's and I love your duo-take on the layout. I especially love the black and white layout!

Creative Junkie said...

congratulations to the graduate! she sure looks pretty happy!

great work on the two color schemes of your layout ... looks awesome!

Michelle Powell said...

Great pics and cute kit!

Have a great weekend!

Andrea said...

Aww, you've got little ones and big ones too! My first, and the only boy, Quinn just graduated this year. He called me the other way to ask how I make rice, and today he wanted to know how I do the "special" ramen...LOL. He's 18, and then I've got a 3 1/2 yr old girl and an 18 mo girl. When my older girl was 1 she got on a breast to sleep kick, that I couldn't get her off of. Actually I never successfully weaned her till I was pregnant with Jenny and my milk dried up.... Good luck!
Oh and thanks for coming by the bloggie, so glad you like the freebie!

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