May 23, 2008

Hi Everyone, Ok I know I'm really bad at updating on Mr.Mason's progress and all the crazy things he does he just turned 7 months yesterday yes my baby will soon be a big boy, sniffle sniffle. Well the other day we put him in his crib and he sits up already, YaY so come to find out he can pull him self up too, we went to lay down and next thing you know it got all quiet and he must've jumped up as soon as the TV went off he was standing with both hands on the front railing of the crib, hopping up and down and not really screaming or crying but a lil inbetween my dh and I about died laughing, I wish I didn't have the camcorder & camera downstairs we must've laughed about a good 3 mins and ds of course was not happy but we were. Just had to share I have more but that's enough about my lil one. On to My older son he got into a tuffle at school and of course no one noticed his bruise at school till the next day when he went back, the nurse calls me and tells me about it well I wasn't going to let it slide I told her get the teacher and call me back b/c that happened while he was in school. Well come to find out my ds when questioned about what happened said My sister Aracely hit me with a bat, ( my jaw dropped) I again had to LOL b/c Ary did hit him with a bat but that was over a week ago, I guess he thought he could get her in trouble at his school and decided he would tell on her and not the kid in school, My gosh where the heck do kids come up with this stuff, to much cartoons, Nick Jr, Disney I don't know but I talked to him and told him he had to tell the real whole truth about what happens at school and not to exaggerate the stories from weeks ago, big sighhhh and with that long post I'll leave you with some Digi Shopping therapy. ;)

Have a great Friday


Diamante Designs has some new goodies in her store don't you just love the colors they're so juicy and perfect for spring and summer, big sighhh!!! She also opened up shot at TheDigiChick so you can find her at 3 places.

Here's the page I created with the Passion Fruit... Full Credits Here.


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Alice Koh has a new template up at PickleBerryPop, Check it out.


Thanks for Stopping by..... Mary

5 Comentários:

Amy Eileen said...

Kids are funny arent they! My little one always has some sort of scheme going. lol They keep us hopping. Love your layout, its great blocking.

Heather said...

LOL on both your sons.

Gorgeous layouts! You do the most fabulous work! I miss ya on my CT. LOL

Have a great day!

Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

Kids are too funny, and yes, they grow up soooooo fast!

Great shopping therapy, pretty pretty papers!

Have a great weekend!

Monique said...

Wow lots of great stuff today! Love that template, I love clean lines :-) Off to check out that contest! Have a great day!

Catherine said...

Hi Mary, so glad i found your blog!Gorgeous Lo! Have a great WE!

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