April 01, 2008

I told you someone would be opening their store today well they have if you love a sale and have some money in our purse/pocket/paypal then head over to ScarletHeelsMedia and like I said she's having a sale. If you haven't subscribed to the newsletter then do it now you won't be sorry.

Starting today Image is clickable

This layout is done for the PickelberryPop Template Challenge hosted by Alice Koh Designs go to the forum to find out how you can get the template to play along ;) I altered mine a bit.

Scrapbook-Elements is having a sale till the 5th of April so if you feel the need to go shopping go.

Diamante Designs by Lori Wiley creative team layout. This is my dd Charlie, I got so me good shots of her by herself the other day and I'm so happy she let me take em, cuz she's always like awwwww maaaa please for what and I got none of the 'tude on this day ;)
Layout Holders #2
Mr. Brown Pp Pk & Elements sold seperately

7 Comentários:

Melissa said...

Your layouts are stunning!

Barb said...

thats a great layout! Thanks for the heads up on all the sales and such. Have a great day :-)

Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

Nice enabling, and I love your layouts! The last one is simply gorgeous! Isn't it great when you get good shots to work with. :-)

Heather said...

GORGEOUS layouts! AH! Cool on SHM opening store! Very neat!!!!

Leigh said...

Beautiful lo's! Everyone has been doing winged lo's lately. Maybe I should do one???

AfriDigiDiva said...

Cool news on the store opening! Thanks for the heads up.

DawnMarch said...

I love that template. Thanks for the link! And your layouts are gorgeous as usual!

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