March 29, 2008

My brain has been in a fog not sure if it's allergies or what but I was so irked yesterday at work that I had to speak my mind and sometimes I think that will get me walked out the door. I hate when a Dr. wants to pass off his work ---> Nurse ---> Medical Assistant ----> Front Desk Recpt that's usually how it trails down and then with this stupid answer when asked what's the deal? The Dr. doesn't get paid to make calls to patients to see where they are at now or if they will come back to the center that is the receptionist's job b/c she makes appts. Ok did that just sound stupid or what talk about taking out the Dr./Pt relationship. I wanted to run to the CEO and say is this how your Dr.'s are suppose to conduct themselves, do you only pay them to do pp-work and see patients and nothing else but I had to breathe say I already have a project so pass it on to the next person & that's what they did. I'm a firm believer in doing work but if you start something then finish it don't let it trickle down the line. Ok rant over it's saturday big siggghh.
I can't wait to play with this kit it's from SBE all the designers have come together to make this collab so all you have to do is Spend $20 or more on qualifying products (excluding Gift Certificates, or the CD Burning Services), and get the SBE Spring Medley Collection free. You MUST place the Spring Medley Collection in your qualifying cart to receive this Bonus. I you need a closer look at the kits included just go here to the product gallery:

It's Sweet Shoppe Saturday look at all the Awesome goodies you can find today ;)

I just wanted to share a layout I did for a co-worker she wanted something she could put on her desktop so I made her this and she was like OMG this is so pretty, she said a million thank yous and showed everyone at work, now everyone is like ohhhh can I send you a pic and do one for me. I think I should start charging what do you think, LMK

Vickey Morrissey: Beautiful Blossoms: Morning Glory Page Set

Vickey's Beautiful Blossoms: Morning Glory Page Set

10 Comentários:

debra said...

Glad it's Saturday for you and no work today :) Thanks for all the enabling..I'm going to go broke!

AngFab said...

Thank goodness it's the weekend! I say, relax and enjoy, and worry about work stuff on work time, hehe! Thanks for enabling me - WOWZERS! And your layout is FAB!

DawnMarch said...

Great layout for your friend. That' usually how new businesses get started, you do a few for free and then more people see them and want them . . .!

Leigh said...

That is a beautiful desktop! I'm sure you are going to be very busy doing these for everyone...might I suggest a small fee???

Heather said...

I agree, have a relaxing weekend. Don't think about work and people who are idiots.

And look at the beautiful layout! It's gorgeous!

I still need to send you those pics of Alyce to scrap. LOL I lose my train of thought all the time and forget to do something!

Have a great day!

Vickey Morrissey said...

I think this is gorgeous and thank you so much for using my pageset. You did an awesome job with it!
Thank you! Vickey

Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

OH wow, lots of goodies - just what my paypal needed (not!).

And that layout IS beautiful, and yes you SHOULD charge for what you do. :-)

My3Hens said...

I always love to see the sweet shoppes weekly newsletter!! I am such a fan. Talk about a dream ct!

I am so sorry about the doctors office. That seems to be the norm sadly enough! Oh and I cant get enough of your blog header!! Its so sweet!!

Eve said...

Gorgeous LO!! That is some cute new stuff, thanks for sharing!!

Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

Great layouts, have a great day!

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