March 13, 2008

I was recently proposed with a new adventure from ScrapNArt and I went for it, I was very surprised when they emailed me I thought it was a joke, LOL but it's not. I'm really excited to see what will come of this new venture. They will have a bi-monthly e-Zine coming out soon and I'll be designing a couple of layouts for them so be on the look out for that announcement very soon ;) Send me good vibes Chica, I have butterflies in my tummy...... jejeje
I talked about this guy that had passed away right by our house the other day well he suffered a heart attack and as a result of the attack he lost control of his car, slammed into the tree and died from the injuries he sustained from hitting the tree not the heart attack :(It's really a small world cuz he was the Fiance of one of my dd's teachers, she use to talk about him so much according to my dd how nice he was, when he proposed, how he showered her with gifts, and the wedding details, my heart broke for this poor lady. She's been out of school all week. "the teacher' Today was the funeral & she left a bouquet of flowers by the tree he died at, I feel so sad about it all. My dd wants to make a contribution in his memory so I'll be mailing a check tomorrow in her name :)
The obituary is here.
This kit is available at Scrapbook-Elements and it's by Stephanie Ogren she recently came back to SBE and OMG she is kicking butt, look at the grungy elegance this kit has to offer not to mention the elements reminds me so much of my Grandma. I loved it when I looked at the preview and knew I had to snag it! My layout is right below. Check it out.....

Scrapbook-Elements Creative Team Layout. I don't have this one up in the Gallery just yet
but I will soon, I wanted to post it here first.

I also used Rina Kroes-Scripture Scraps #6 availabe @ Scrapbook-Elements. I love the mix of fonts and how they're so elegant and just perfect, I'm so glad she's the designer cuz I dont' think I could've ever came up with this.

OMG Before I forget the design of the layout is a Template by Kim Hill also from Scrapbook-Elements.

2 Comentários:

Emma said...

Good luck on your new adventure and sending good vibes on the layouts you will create for them!!

Josoliviamaid said...

Oh how sad.

Beautiful layout. The kit is gorgeous!

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