December 07, 2007

Mr Mason went to the ER yesterday at the persistence of his dad and they said day 4&5 of his bronchial virus would be the worst for him and yes it was, he did have an eye infection and they said a lil tylenol would be ok but not too much b/c it may mask a fever, Okkyyy Dokeyy and dh felt a lil better and I told him see his Dr. isn't coo-koo she knows what she's talkin'bout.

Here is my dh with our ds on his birthday. I used SweetShoppe Goodies for this Layout:Found Here
& one more
I used more SweetShoppe Goodies/Micheline MartinDesigns of my 2 ds's, Gio loves his brother he says he wishes he coul talk and play with him already, I said in due time, in due time. Full Credits Here


The Sweet Shoppe has 2 designers that need a Creative Team..... ooooo Hooo ooo Hooo Hooo.....
Kristin CB is having a team call so if you love her goodies go
here for more details and apply, I absolutely love her stuff a new discovery for me :) Image is clickable

MandaBean is looking for a few memebers. Do you meet her needs, Go find out. Apply more details here.
Thanks for stopping by... Have a great Friday ;)

3 Comentários:

Jen Ulasiewicz said...

Hey thanks for posting those calls, I'm off to check them out! :)

Shandy said...

oh, congrats on your newest son! aren't little boys just the cutest!!? (I have 4 of them)
and your LO's were awesome!!

so sad to hear about Mason's sickness and eye infection (not fun :(

have a great weekend :)

Kristen said...

I hope your little guy gets better soon.
Love your layouts they are incredible and beautiful.

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