December 06, 2007

Mr. Mason is getting sicker & sicker I'll be taking him to the hospital this afternoon, when his dad gets home cuz he wants to talk to the Dr. personally. He woke up with GuNk in his eyes & their all watery :) He also has a serious rash Bigg Sigghhh!! My poor lil guy :)
My ds is a lil wise guy. He came home yesterday with something new he learned from his teacher at school.
Hanukkah — Festival of Lights his teacher is Jewish and she must've discussed it with the class in the form of appreciation. Well it was bedtime and he put his lil spin on it saying how we didn't Appreciate him or the holiday because we didn't celebrate it and I was sending him to bed. His words, you don't appeciate me, not you, dad, wo chalie, none of you. You don't appreciate me so I of course had to LOL I know I'm bad but what else could I do, I was shocked and LOL at the same time, I thought where did he learn the word appreciate from and what it means is not what he thinks. After about 10 mins of talking he came out with what his teacher had taught him in school, big sighhhh. Ok I'll be sending her a note today explaining the lil commotion last nite.

I'm a lil behind on marking my son's 3rd week but here is.... :)

3 Comentários:

Monique said...

I hope your DS feels better soon, nothing worse than seeing your child sick :-(

Hope you have a great day!

Sarah said...

Aww Poor baby I hope he gets better soon! Love the pictures of baby in the fur blanket!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

Hope little one feels better soon, love the pictures though!

Have a great weekend!

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