December 04, 2007

Hello Everyone, This post is in response to Lori Wiley saying I hope all is well... gosh she got an ear full huh, LOL I'm doing well but my dd Ary has been sick since coming home from NC her Asthma is better but her cold is killin her and to make matters worse she won't stay away from her baby brother and she got him sick, my dh was really upset b/c he's so lil and we can't give him anything,he was upset with the Dr. mostly cuz she told him no meds, Sorry! OMFG!! Sorry, What Eva... he's up all nite and I wanna cry I feel so bad for him he has a Bronchial Virus and coughs all nite and he's all congested. I can't sleep knowing he can't breathe I'm up just watching him and listening to him. I thought breastfed babies were suppose to not get sick arrggghhh ok sorry for my rant but I feel better now off for some jooo and yes I look like that, LOL . Love ya Lori and I hope this doesn't keep ya from making those statements, jejeje
I have two New Guest Teams this month,Dawn Inskip

she sells at the Following Stores:Treasures to Scrap, K-Joi Studios, Art and Scrap, NBISB & ScrapScandiStyle

and Heather Manning

she sells at the Following Stores: PlainDigital Wrapper and Blog Store (it's being revamped right now check back later on).
I've already created something with their goodies looky see!!!

Icy Sparkles Kit by Heather Manning: Found Here

Digital Doodled Alpha Bundle & Love you Loads Element Pack and Papers by Dawn Inskip:Found Here

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Lilja said...

Poor little guy!! It's horrible to be little and sick - I hope he feels better soon!
I love your layouts, they are both gorgeous - especially the second one!

Carolyn said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about the lil ones. I know you feel so helpless when they're sick like that. They will be in my thoughts.

Congrats on the guest gigs, they both make great stuff. Your LO's look incredible.

HeatherManning said...

Aw, it's horrible when they are sick! And he's so little! I said the same thing the first time Alyce got sick. They aren't supposed to get sick. We breastfeed! Know what my doctor said? Imagine how sick she would be if you didn't. Made me feel a little better!

Can you use that Johnson and Johnson's vapor cream yet? Or the bath? I can't remember if that is 6 months and up or not. We started using Vick's vapor rub on the older ones feet (It sounds wierd - I heard it somewhere) and putting socks over it at night and it really helped! I'm not sure how much it would help me cuz like your DD, I have asthma, and the smell of it kills me.

Beautiful layouts! Both of them.

I'm so excited to have you on my team this month! I'm going to be trying to twist your arm at the end of the month, you know that right? LOL

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