December 10, 2007

Good Morning Everyone, I hope you all had a nice week-end. My dd had a stomach virus this w/end yup she's still sick my poor Ary just when I thought she was getting better and my ds his cough is worse but he's eating more so I guess that's good in itself. :(
The girls had a late start lots of freezing ice on the roads causing major delays so they just hung out on the couch and watched tv for 2 hours. I won't be going anywhere today even though I got a coupon from TRU for 10.00 off a 100. 00 purchase it would've come in handy, but I don't do ice on roads.

Have your heard the SweetShoppe is having their Annual click-a-sig blinkies, when you find the blinkies you click on em and you might get a goodie but not all are winners... Have fun clickin away.

This is the ad and here's what your looking for....

Have a great day:

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Andrea said...

Boy, sounds like you all are having a time of it! We've got icy roads too. I hope you all are feeling up to snuff soon! Thanks for the Sweet SHoppe heads up!

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