March 03, 2007

It's Saturday, woo hoo.... It's been a bad week weather-wise ackkkk! Snow on Monday the after effects, rain yesterday cleaned up the snow a lil bit but then black ice cuz it frooze, ughhh! I guess I shouldn't complain b/c I got some great shots the other day of Nelson and the kids in the snow. LOL. We're suppose to get some more snow this week, we shall see, Geez were in March! Spring is around the corner and then it will be raining all the time. Big Sighhh. I should stop depressing myself huh, lol. Ok focus on today my ds said he wants a brother b/c big brothers are always cooler in the lil brothers eyes, where does he get this from? jejejeje if he gets a sister he'll have someone else to watchover, cuz he watches Ary like a hawk! poor girl feel so sorry for her when she gets older.... Onto some of my layouts for my creative team duties... I was in a lil slump probably the baby hormones but I feel much better, scrapping wise oh and I'll have some new pics today cuz were going to a birthday party of one of my co-workers, ackkk I gotta go shopping! Darn it almost forgot the gift! hmmmm

Scrapbook Elements Cteam Credits Here

Cindy Irvine Guest Ct Spot Credits here.

Elemental Scraps Sketch Challenge: Credits here.

Scrapbook-Elements CTeam Credits Here

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