February 26, 2007

We had a couple inches of snow last nite and yay cuz I didn't have to go into work today and of course school was canceled so here we are all of us catching up on cleaning and watching TV. Were waiting right now for Nelson to come home so we can go make a snowman like he said..... Let me just say that my lovely, sweet, and kind husband always does this for the neighbors, he cleans the snow from their walkways/sidewalk, he doesn't have to but he does it cuz he cares and knows that if it were his parents he'd want someone to do it for them but one thing that ticks me off is when people call and ask him for help and they have their son and dh to do it for them, Arggghhhh get up and get some warm clothes on and go do it!!! We'll just leave them nameless cuz I might rant some more about them :p... Here are a couple pics from today it's still drizzling lightly can we get some more so I can get another day off of work, jejejejeje!!!!

My Block earlier this morning....

My DH cleaning the driveway....

The view behind our home.... TFL~Mary

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