March 10, 2007

Happy Saturday everyone, I have a busy day with the two little ones I'm taking them for their passport photos today and that's gonna be fun I hope they behave. Ahhh yes because of my new bundle we will be taking our vacation very early this year next month as a matter of fact. Nelson doesn't want me traveling after June. June schools out so we were planning to go on the trip then when the girls were out of school but that's not gonna happen now so Mom will be coming to watch the girls they won't be going with us b/c that is way too many days out of school and Helena will be upset b/c she wanted to come with us but we'll have fun things to do this summer, I hope she can get over it! Next year will be here before we know it! Gosh this baby is causing waves already poor thing isn't even here yet, jejeje Life is Grand ehhhh..... The baby is really kicking my butt I'm so tired I come home from work and I'm sleeping by 6:30 I feel so bad for the other kids cuz I have no energy for anything I just want pillows, blankets, and a bed, I'm hoping it will pass soon very soon. I haven't been feeling very creative either gosh that's really bad but here's what I came up with this week for my creative team duties. Thanks for reading till now and for saying hello.
Scrapbook-Elements CT: Credits Here

Diamante Designs CT- Credits Here

Scrapbook Elements CT: Credits Here

Scrapbook Elements CTeam- Credits Here

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