February 24, 2007

I got my laptop on Monday, Yay yup Nelson went and bought it for meeeee. WaaaaaHoooo!!! I'm so siked now I sit downstairs while he's watching Galavision or Univision two of my not so favorite channels why because It's all about soccer and soap operas yuckk, ickkk maybe once in a while I'll watch but not everyday. I'll sit in bed and he'll watch what I'm doing and now he's starting to really get it! LOL...
My work week was crazy patients without insurance cards wanting us to call their jobs to get the information, say what I say if your going to a Dr's office and you have an appt since like 2-3 weeks ago get up off your ASS and freakin get your info this to me screams LAZY and makes me so not want to HELP you, cuz I can see in my system when I booked your APPT!!! Yes I bet you thought I didn't know! ---Rant Over---- On to beautiful things that make me happy my kids and creating : ) This next layout I made for Rosemary, she came to me the other day and said mom you never make any layouts of me and I asked her do you know why? she said nooo!! I said b/c you never want me to take your picture so she said, duhhhh, ok I get it so from now on she will let me take more pics of her so I can scrap em and I made this one last nite so she hasn't seen it and she'll be siked cuz it's of her snow fight w/her brother, we had a lil
more snow, Yesterday morning, yay for snow nay for work and cleaning the snow!!! :)

Love Ya Ro, For You..... Credits Here

Scrapbook Elements Cteam:Credits Here

Rina Kroes-Baha Blossoms: Full Credits Here

Scrapbook Elements CTeam:Credits Here

4 Comentários:

Terri said...

wow some great los!

Jones said...

Yes, the threat of only scrapping my youngest dd's photos is what usually works to get a nice photo of my older dd, lol. And I will definitely resort to whatever works! :)

Your pages look fantastic!

Christy said...

Beautiful layouts & congrats on the laptop!!

Jess said...

Great LO's!!! I bet your so happy with your LT.. i LUV mine!!!

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