August 15, 2011

Yesterday we went off to NJ and we had heard that it was going to rain but we said, they always say that maybe it's not going to happen well it did it rained all day and we stayed in all day.
We had to purposed to visit NJ return to Seaside Heights YES and to drop off Cely and Mason for a week with their Tia, Tio and cousins. YES again for me! lol Well 1 of 2 was complete and of course we complained the whole time that it was an awful day our plans were SO spoiled! this is what we looked at every couple of minutes.. sighhhhh
Rain Shower
75° F
My sis was happy to have us over but their really wasn't much to do in the rain!
We all decided to go have breakfast @ Los Arcos in Passaic it was ok, not the best Mexican food we've had but edible! I just wish we had just cooked at home and ate but oh well!
Later we watched the kids play video games, talked about our families and caught up on our other family members, I was floored when I was told my sis is expecting long story but I was really floored! Later we BBQ'd and the guys went out to watch a soccer game while we stayed in and watched "The Thing" hadn't seen that movie in forever but it was a flashback, lol. We decided to leave later that day and made it home by 10pm b/c of the RAIN!!
Most of us waiting to get out of the rain :)
Mason saying goodbye to me again and again :/
ummm I wish we had this gas price in CT so so sad!
Layout to share....
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5 Comentários:

Kelly said...

It has rained incessantly lately! And I too wish our gas prices were that low.. As it stands, I go to CT to get lower gas prices than what's around me in NY!

Erin said...

Hey there! I found you via voiceBoks. I love your blog and can't wait to read more about you.

Veronica Lee said...

Luckily for us, Malaysia has one of the lowest gas prices in the world.

Love your blog and am now following!

Gifts By Katherine said...

Oh how I would love some rain...leaving some VB ♥ on your blog and thank you for linking up at Gifts By Katherine. Hugs!!

Nicolette said...

It looks like you had a fun day with family and congrats on your sister's new addition. BTW: Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway.

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