May 12, 2011

EloDesigns, NJ Party

I am beyond in a crappy mood it started Monday and hasn't let
up, why well b/c our stupid fridge messed up again almost
2 mths ago we paid over 200 bucks to get the computer of the
fridge fixed and now the heater went out, it wasn't cooling
the fridge but the freezer was so so!!

argghhhh I hate these things and I just let it get to me in so
many negative ways even though I try not to now all my stuff
in the fridge will have to get thrown out b/c they came out today didn't have the part we needed they have to order it and no since
in putting my stuff back in b/c it's not cooling and our back up
is messed up to double arggghhhhhh.

I just feel like i've been struck w/a streak of the worst luck
and I just want to bury my head under a pillow and not hear or
see anything, I know this situation shouldn't have such an effect
on me but I'm unemployed and dh is only working 3-4 days a week. It's just so frustrating and I feel like I can't a leg up..
I seriously seriously need to go do something positive right
now b/c if not I'll make myself crazy :|
Well down below is one thing that makes me de-stress and happy
so I'll go do some more of that or go outside and get some sun
with Mr Mason yeah we finally have some of that :>

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Spring Memories

My sis's god-daughter Miss Lola cutiee-patootiee. We got to
take her to the park last Sat when we were visiting NJ, I've
only seen her in pics until this day and she hasn't lost her cuteness or sweetness!!! Well worth the wait of seeing her for myself!! I just have to say that those leggings rock!!! jejeje

Just some more pics from a day in NJ celebrating my nieces Birthday
Ari lookin sweet as ever :)

Mr Mason enjoying his cake.

Miss Lola and Ari behind her

Yeah she's got the boy doing what she wants already ;)

Thanks for stopping by have a wonderful day!!