October 07, 2009

So dh took Sunday off and it was drizzling,
really foggy and slightly cold but he said get
dressed we are going to the Big E it's only going
to drizzle for a bit you'll see...
It took the kids 30 sec's flat to get their clothes
on well after the happy dance they did all the way
down the stairs. Well he was right around 11:00am
the sun was blazing and the kids coudldn't have
been more happier & hot as we had jeans and
sweaters well I did, the kids took their sweaters
off but I couldn't :(
and dh of course had shorts on :p cuz he knew
it was going to be an awesome day :p It was a day
worth spending outside and with loved one's!
My photos :)

Cely took this photo, she did pretty good.

Mason is so serious he acts like he's not having fun

Yay finally a half something something and a wave ;)

Cely is in the corner of the pic watching Gio hog
up the cone they were sharing

Charlie dressed as a Junior Tropper, can't believe she
got her skinny butt in the lil kids shirt, LOL

My dd convinced me I had to get on a ride with her,
uggghhh so regreted this one :(

Waiting in line to get on a ride, can you tell
how excited Mason was, lol

The kids complaining they are tired and hungry as we walk

Mason watching his dad, Cely & Gio
having fun w/out him :(

Gio, Cely & dh loving the bumper cars

Gio in the bumper car

Gio siked about a ride he just got off of :)
Charlie not so happy about it, LOL

Cely loving her riding time :)

The kids loved when the elephants came out

The Grand Finale


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5 Comentários:

Eve said...

Gorgeous photos chika!!

Tammy said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I love those days.

Designs by Jessie said...

Fantastic photos! looks like you guys had a great time!

Elaine said...

Love the photos, looks like everyone had a great time.

Sonia said...

Hi Mary
Looks like you and your a fabulous time. Love those days.

Puerto Rico

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