October 13, 2009

It was an Awesome weekend on Saturday I went to
the Pumpkin Farm w/the kiddos and spent the whole
day walking around and just observing my kiddos ;)
Mason made a mess of himself he found a small puddle
and came out looking like he was working at the farm
:( see below that is a big pile of dirt in his hand...

All of these pages are not from the Saturday outing
but from our Sunday outing w/dh
He didn't work on Sun and the kids love it when he
doesn't work b/c they associate it w/going out and papi
buys us what we want :p, I love my kids but I have
my limits and papi well he has no limits, Cely got
3 candy apples, Gio got one Caramel Apple, brownie &
a Scallop roll or something like that, IDK and he
almost got more pumpkins I had to say no, no, no!
So here are a couple of pages from our visit to
the Apple Orchard :)
Apple Blossom by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Meghan Mullens

Family Ties by Joyce Paul & Fei-Fei's Stuff

Daydream Believer by Kristin Cronin-Barrow
Sketch # 32 is up over @ Inspired Blueprints
C'mon over and check out he DT Inspiration
on the home page and if you feel inspired upload
your own take :) I'd like to see some digi work :)
My page using the sketch above :)

C'mon over to the Gallery and check out more inspiration
Thanks for stopping by and All images are linked :)


Denise said...

Great layout from that sketch! Love how you altered the corn field photos!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous summer layout.

Anonymous said...

You have a great Blog!
Your layouts are very creative.
It gives pleasure and is a joy to have a look at your Blog.