October 19, 2009

I'm so stressed, we recently closed our Dept and moved to the front
of the building right in the front w/security I mean I sit literally right
beside them and the pharmacy and the lab to my right.... Before the
renovations it was exactly this way - the main waiting area
right beside us but we were all enclosed in our own
departments and now they are enclosed w/the beautiful renovations
but I'm in the wide open and It's madness pure madness talking,
shouting, laughing, kids crying all Freakin day.
I can pretty much tune stuff out but that's to much
I did not sign on for this and I honestly feel like I need a mental break
and it hasn't even been 2 days in the main reception area..
I can't concentrate, make my calls to clients or insurance I just needed
to get that out and move on for now, thanks for reading my rambling, LOL
Sketch #33 is up over @ Inspired Blueprints
I love this one it's one of my FAVS!!

My page using sketch #33

Black Tie Kit by Cintia Tavares
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Crystal Livesay:Jumper #28-Available @ TheDigiChick
Pumpkin Patch by Tracie Stroud
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Feline Dreaming Kit by Tangie Baxter Designs
Also The Bundle
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New Release Junk Yard by sherrieJD Available @ ScrapArtist
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