September 29, 2009

These are photos from the Big E the East Windsor High
Scool went to march in the parade and perform on the
Green they were the bomb IMO and my dd is in the Color
Guard (one of the flags are in her face so you can't
see her :( ) I love when they are all in sync it looks
so good.

This is the color guard and band Chicas together
my dd is the 2nd to the end.
They all got on the ferris wheel together but were to
chicken to look over the edge, lol
They all looked so cute here I'm glad they humored me
and stood where I asked them too ;)

Looking around at all the games and stuff

Posing again for my camera they weren't really
playing they look like they were huhhhh...

My dd enjoying the bumper cars

These are all band kiddos ;) they all decided
to get the same bandanas so they could find each
other they are to cute!
The twins had em tucked in the backside
ok that's all I have for today...
Thanks for stoping by ;)

4 Comentários:

Michelle said...

Great pics from the Big E. I went the weekend before and had a great time. I had my pic taken with the seal. I got your link from DST. I hang out on the MLAS site. Come and check it out some time.

Martencja Designs said...

great photos and I see that all had a big fun!!!

JanMary said...

Love the photos - and the bandanas!

Jennifer said...

Great Photos! The Color Guard one brings back memories for's been 13 years almost since I was in CG!

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