September 05, 2009

I finally have the photos of G&C from first day of school!!!
I just wanted to share a story something I
knew would eventually happen w/these 2 being
so close in age. My dd came home from school and told
me a story about a lil boy that told
her he was going to punch her in the face so I said
to her did you tell the teacher, make sure you tell
her when he says these things to you and just
stay away from him yadda yadda yadda.
DS hears this and says No he didn't, he's not
going to punch my sister I'll punch his face!
I want you to show me who he is. I seriously had to
control myself from crying out in laughter
of course my 2 oldest dd's didn't help b/c they so LOL :(
I told him no you can't do that
you'll get kicked out of school you just started do
you want to get kicked out?, he said no
so I'm like I'll talk to the teacher and besides he
didn't hit her he just said he was, so relax. He said ok
and left it at that, I did send the teacher a note though.
I never had an older brother so I find this cute yet
scary of what's to come.

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4 Comentários:

sas-uk said...

what a great big brother, i was always the eldest so i did the punching for my younger brothers :)

and i am loving those layouts, so beautiful

SarahB said...

So sweet that he is so protective of his little sister! Hope there aren't any fights though. :)

Beautiful photos and layouts!

Paula said...

What a sweet story! I wish I had a big brother.

Dielle said...

Great photos and LOs! What a cute story about your 2.

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