August 31, 2009

Today is hump day thank gosh. I've been so tired these
past days and I don't
want to get out of bed mainly b/c Mr Mason will have a fit
when I go into the
shower, how the heck do they know that your up?
He must have a built in sensor
I have no idea where it's at, wish I knew so I could t
urn it off and shower in peace.
My sis texted me to say she'll be coming this w/end,
Sis I love you but you coul'da
called me and left a voicemail, geeesh I hate
text sometimes, KWIM. LOL
Ok rant over I'll leave you some of my Creative Team goodies ;)
**Avaiable on 9.1**
It's Eeasy as ABC kit Collab BCD and Mira Designs@ DigiScrappersBrasil Store

My page using the kit ;)

BBP:My Fantasy World Bundle or Individual by Maria Designs

2 Comentários:

Donna B. Miller said...

What a cute kit, and the layouts are adorable.

Sandra said...

Awesome blog post and i love all the goodies you are showing off!
When it comes to kids and sensors, i think they are buildt in ,lol :) Good luck with it alL! :)

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