April 04, 2009

My dd's were suppose to have their first softball game
and I was so looking forward to it, but it rained all
day yesterday and some in the morning. So the other team's coach did something to the field, not sure exactly what
that was but they ended up leaving and they didn't even
call the coach to let her know not to come so no game but
I did get some pics of my girls in their uniform.

Can you tell who the clown is?
Inspired Blueprints has 2 new sketches up.
I used #14 for now.
If you need some inspiration go and check em out....

I almost forgot about my designer have a fantabulous
sale over @ SunFlowerScrap, you still have time to
take advantage so go check out her wonderful work ;)

I did this page for the Designer Digitals Blog Challenge

Click on Image for full Credits
If you'd like to shop and it's at ScrapOrchard
then you'll get a bonus and it's good till the 24th

1 Comentário:

Melissa said...

I love the photos! :)

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